Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Email

Monday: I started packing up all my stuff because i was pretty convinced i was leaving....and sure enough! SISTER RUSSELL is leaving ATL! :( I am also second half training! We went to the library and emailed our lovely families and then we went shopping and then i went home and continued to pack up my stuff. Sister manzer and sister campbell came over and hungout for a bit. Sis. Campbell drew me a picture of a little girl with jesus and ahhh i just love it!! (: We went to the Tillis Family's for dinner and she sang me god be with you till we meet again! I CRIED! :( Gahh! i will miss ATL!

Tuesday: We had district meeting and that went really well. It was very spiritual and I just love the elders in my district! They are seriously such great elders and i know that wherever they go they will be led by the spirit to help bring more people unto christ with their crazy fun personalities! The Benichs made us lunch and it was so fancy. It was delish!! I loved it! The Zone Leaders Elder Dimanche and Elder Bowden put ceran wrap all over our car and I was SOOO happy! Elder Dimanche fails miserably at pulling pranks and i was really grateful he didnt fail this time!! We out Lewis on date for baptism and we just had such a spiritual moment over the phone and I just cant wait for him to enter the waters of baptism!! We helped brother moore with his garden one last time and he gave me some banana peppers and those are delish!! Sister Aiono and i visited Claritha and that was awesome! I will miss her too. We then got to go to the Vandykes for dinner and they are such a stellar couple! I love them! 

Wednesday: I woke up for transfers and I went to brush my teeth and sister aiono put jalepeno peppers in my toothpaste i squeezed them out. But little did i know that she rubbed my toothbrush all over the pepper...I couldnt feel my mouth. I was so proud and upset all at the same time. I couldnt eat anything all day...My new companion is sister despain she is from idaho!! (: whoooo! ALSO super cool Elder Nelson ( grays friend), elder hollingsworth ( in my last area) and elder alade ( my district leader in my first district) are all in my zone/ district!! So crazy!  We got to SNELLVILLE & a member took us grocery shopping! She is the sweetest!! I was so shocked at how cute our apartment was!! (: We went to the HANSENS for dinner and that was so fun! 

Thrusday: Weekly planning and thats always a blast! I felt like today weekly planning could have gone on for days!! there is so much to plan for here in snellville!!!  We went tracting a lot!! We had dinner with the masseys and they are sooo funn!! they remind me of the ellsworths!!! (: 

Friday: I cleaned out the apartment because it was full of tons of missionary stuff that was unnesscary.  We got our planners and we visited the keanums ( awesome fam!) and tracted A LOT again! Sister despain reminds me a lot of christal and so basically its like im serving with family!! (: 

Saturday: Highlight of today. We prayed for the spirit to direct us to which houses to go to and we ended up going to a guy who was a member years ago but goes to another church. He was super sweet! He said we were always welcome here and he gave us tons of refferals!! (: It was awesome!

Sunday: We got up super early because they have ward council every sunday and i love that! The bishop is awesome and they are so on top of it for doing missionary work!! (: I love it sooo much! It is a pretty small ward but its pretty spread out the boundaries. I love all the people i have met so far and i am really relying on the spirit to guide and direct me this transfer. I am training and that really stresses me out...I love sister despain and i want to help her grow into the missionary she needs to be. I love you all and thank you for your emails, letters and prayers. I feel of your love often (: 


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