Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Email February 1, 2016 (Sister Russell's Birthday!!!)

Monday: well went to the library and then i packed up all my stuff. it wasnt the most fun pday but i got done what i needed to do. basically thats about it yall.

Tuesday: we had district meeting...trying to take pictures is a totally epic fail. we did show n tell and we showed the video of brother samuel eating grilled cheese for my bday! (: that was fantabulous! then we went to get pupusas with sister youngblood and kate! sister youngblood got me a kangaroo scrodum for my parting gift...yes. you heard right. its genuine leather. (: any who! then i went to the dermatologist and that was fun...not. then we went to william a potential investigator and his roomates were there and wow! what a powerful lesson! i loved it! they had such great questions, we gave them a book of mormon and invited them to read. we went and saw sister matthews and said my goodbyes! charlotte i will miss for sure, she loves her some sister russell! we went to the samuels and then we went to bible study which was insightful for sure. 

Wednesday: sister cahill picked us up from the house and it was grrrreat! we got there and i found out my companion is sister hansen, shes from colorado and she has been out for 5 months! she is a beast! she is fearless! then we find out that we are opening a new area and were going to be living with mill creek ysa sisters...and when i heard that i totally groaned on the inside. but then......I FOUND OUT ITS SISTER JONES AND SISTER BARRON!!!!! I LOVE THEM! There are sisters i know in the mission and then there are ones i KNOW! I love those two! we all get to room with each other...i went up to president and i said i hope you know what you are doing, we'll try and get work done! ;) i got a little unpacked and then we went finding but then we realized we had no idea where we were going or where our boundaries were so we went back and just filled in the gps with tons of people in the ward and in the area book! im so excited we get to make this area AWESOME! We went to the church and we planned on going to see the bishop and the elders but then they werent we talked to a few people. 

Thursday: we went to the merling family's home and we had german panckes! they have a cow and they are going to teach me how to milk a cow!  i'll make sure to put that skill on my resume...(: haha we found two people and that was awesome! we set return appointments with them and we are so excited! (: we went to the relief society activity and i made that cute LOVE craft. idk what to do with it because i have no place to put it...maybe i'll give it to sister foote.

Friday: we went to douglasville and we had a meeting with our stake president! that was really awesome, president foote was there. i loved that the stake president is super gung-ho (is that really how you spell that?)  about missionary work! we wnet back and we had lunch and then we went to some former investigators homes and members to try and make appointments. we have an aldis across the street from us and wowza do i love that! 

Saturday: we go to the gym just to work on our fitness( name that song). so yeah we have a gym with 2 treadmills a biker thingy...and an elliptical! sister russell is losing some weight yall! :)))) HOLLA! sister jones made us all breakfast eggs and turkey bacon. she is so great. actually all of them are so great! i feel like i am starring in new girl and i am nick. everyone worries about sister russell because i dont cook and they always make a little extra so i have some food to eat. LOL i love my companion and roommates (:  we went finding a lot today...not too many responses. its okay we were just planting seeds. we found a family in this one neighborhood we are going to go back!

Fun facts:
i will lose weight.
my companion lookes like kylee jenner
my hair is getting extrememly long
i ate grilled cheese two days in a row and i plan on doing the same this week.
i bought a shirt with unicorns and cats on them
i love serving a mission. (:


Sister Russell

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